Bigfoot Encounters


Bigfoot or Sasquatch encounters are considered mostly a hoax or a myth at best to most of today’s mainstream society and scientists. Except for a few maverick professors, Bigfoot remains only a flesh and blood reality to people who have claimed of having actual Bigfoot encounters. Having said that, most people are fascinated by the idea of a legendary hairy bipedal human-like creature that has been reportedly spotted roaming through our woodlands and forests. Countless stories and alleged live-videos about the mysterious elusive beast continue to arouse the feeling that these creatures are likely to exist or at the very least did. The ever-increasing interest to finding the truth has led to the formation of numerous investigational Bigfoot organizations such as Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO), which through its researchers and observers have categorized countless aspects and statistics pertaining to Sasquatch.

Before highlighting a few typical stories of folks who have had a bigfoot encounter, it may be better first to outline what is considered characteristic of typical Bigfoot sightings. In general, most encounters occur by accident and at night. Consequently, Bigfoot is believed to be a nocturnal creature and actively avoids humans. Having said that, most sightings of the creature only last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two. Typically, the creature does its best to disappear as soon as it’s observed by human beings. Usually all that is left after an encounter is a sense of fear, a bad overpowering smell and sometimes even footprints.

In Ellington, Mo, a hunter reported making eye contact with the powerful creature. He says that he saw a towering black figure walking in the forest which at first assumed it was a man, however as it kept walking he realized that it was very massive, unlike a normal human being, all of a sudden it stopped and looked straight at the hunter. He explains that when it was looking at him, the hunter saw eyes and nose as well as the hair covering the face. After the roughly 20 seconds it turned and disappeared into the woods.

Another video that went viral is one captured by a couple who were roaming through Veluwezoom National Park, located in Dutch. Lucas and Jeroen were walking when they spotted something from a distance. Terrified, they held the camera and zoomed at a large trunked tree and suddenly a large dark figure popped from behind it. They are heard in the video figuring what it could be, but it disappeared quickly behind the flora. Shortly, a shot rang around them which made them so frightened that they ran away. Upon its upload on YouTube, those who are skeptical said it was a bear and one wrote that Bigfoot makes loud banging noise to scare people away. This sighting could be a actual Sasquatch because in the Netherlands there are only captive bears.

Another Bigfoot video believed to have been recorded somewhere in North America of a boy who was taking a video of himself as he practiced riding his quad bike. According to witness, the boy was filming himself in attempt to doughnuts on ATV, however, at the back of the footage, they realized something unusual in the background. It shows an ape-like figure appearing from the bush before disappearing into the forest. The video ends before getting a better look at the elusive creature.

Southwestern Pennsylvania is a famous camping ground for these creatures’ searchers who gather together every May within area . There has been multiple man-beast sightings. A mother and a daughter were out for a drive when they heard a rustling; they thought that it was a deer or bear, but to their surprise, an upright creature, very muscular and tall appeared. Their description fits best as a male or mother bear, but the height gives the reasoning for the possibility of the unseen man-beast.

A passenger spots a Bigfoot 10 miles from Bristol. Last year November, an eye-witness on a train from Exeter to Bristol Temple Meads saw a massive creature along hedgerow that was taking huge strides. The man said that in his carriage there were almost 12 people most of who focused on the morning newspaper and others on mobile phones. He said he was keen on the scenery because it was long since he had been on a train. He says he saw a black figure that was walking hunched over. It’s, therefore, approximated that the sighting could be somewhere between Yatton stations and Nailsea which is a low-lying wetland.

The limiting factor about Bigfoot is that it is evidence based on mostly good stories rather than good science, according to skeptics. The gold standard in terms of evidence would be the finding of its remains, where so far none has been found according to mainstream scientists. Anyway, science solves one mystery and creates another. Everybody has their own belief which does not classify someone as crazy if you believe that Sasquatch is real.

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